What's the story:    FICTION brings the most talented and innovative storytellers to the advertising and entertainment industry.  In an industry filled with talent, the ability to consistently deliver the highest quality product in an environment that fosters endless creativity backed by strategic planning is the goal of the organization.

Our mission is to create lasting impressions in a culture built on integrity and shared values.

FICTION    noun   fic·tion \ˈfik-shən\  

a: something invented by the imagination or feigned; specifically:  an invented story



BRANDING - FICTION has 15 years of experience working with marketing professionals from a wide range of companies. From creating and communicating the brand strategy to defining trends and positioning, we understand the value of audience engagement through targeted marketing efforts. Our clients include world class brands like Disney, Paramount Pictures, Mattel and ABC.  

COPYWRITING - Almost every story starts with a compelling hook followed by demonstrative features and a call to action. Fiction provides some of the best copywriting in the industry. With creatives that have contributed to campaigns for Disney Princess, Jaguar, Vizio, Nature Made and Post Cereal, Fiction is ready to write the next line.

CREATIVE – FICTION creatives bring an innovative, fresh approach to storytelling. As a full-service production company, we produce campaigns that reach, impact and evoke change in the audiences globally through various mediums: Broadcast, Digital, PSA, Corporate Sales/Instructional Videos, Direct Response and Brand Narratives.

FILM/TV & DIGITAL PRODUCTION -  From concept creation, copywriting/storyboarding to design/art direction to sourcing talent to filming, the back bone of our business is seamless execution of production from fruition to fulfillment.

POST PRODUCTION – With over 20 years of experience in the field of post-production, FICTION offers editing, animation/graphics, CGI/VFX, live action, music composition and voice-over services.