Duane Piedmont - Duane began his career in production as a PA for Mattel Toys in 1995. They remain one of his main clients today as he continues to write, produce, and direct a variety of projects ranging from product sizzles to internal scripted spoofs. Duane carved out a niche in the toy industry and also works with Spinmaster, Jakks Pacific, and MGA Entertainment in a similar capacity and has provided creative on commercials for brands such as Disney Princess Pets and Power Rangers.

In 2006, Duane pursued his love of children’s animation and created original television concepts, one of which lead to a development deal with Warner Brothers Animation. In 2007 Duane utilized his toy roots and collaborated with Renegade 83 (Naked and Afraid) to create, write, produce, and direct an original pilot for Comedy Central called “Hollywood Angels”.

While working with Renegade 83, Duane created and developed several unscripted projects. From there he branched out and continued to create original concepts that lead to development deals with other notable production companies including Relativity Real/The Jay & Tony Show (Gigolos), Eyeworks/3Ball (Splash), Mindcrime (Pimp My Ride), and Irwin Entertainment (Celebrity Rehab).

Duane continues to provide creative in the toy industry and develop original concepts in both scripted and unscripted television.