Fiction Reel


Disney’s Playdate Rapunzel

Case Study

Jakks Pacific asked Fiction to create a breakthrough campaign to introduce their new Disney Princess Playdate brand: a line featuring 32 inch dolls.

Based on the popularity and relevancy of kid influencer videos, Fiction created their own influencer, Alice, and her world of Alice’s Palace.  Alice brought Rapunzel to life, demonstrating all the fun activities the girls could experience together, including riding on her horse Maximus.  

The campaign was an immediate success resonating with girls worldwide. Jakks shipped over 50,000 Playdate dolls and over 100,000 horses. Target was sold out (instore and on-line) by Thanksgiving. Alice’s Palace was extended into longer form You Tube videos and pooled out to introduce Moana. 



Propel’s Star Wars Drones

Case Study

Propel asked Fiction to create a nostalgic story that brought the viewer back in time to when Star Wars first hit the screens. Fiction integrated Propel’s product line into the imagination of a child with a contemporary payoff.



Jakks Pacific’s Who’s Your Llama?

Case Study

Jakks Pacific asked Fiction to create a viral video with a memorable hook and a story that would resonate with consumers.

Complete with catchy lyrics, hip hop dance moves, and a product that makes you smile, the campaign caught on internationally through YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms.



ABC’s The Bachelorette JoJo Promo

Case Study

Fiction was asked by ABC Marketing to capture their new, leading lady, Jo Jo, in a fun-loving, empowering promo video. With the world watching, the highly anticipated reveal captured it’s audience and delivered a new Bachelorette for all to cheer on.